Tuesday 5 November 2013

(Africa Month) Fon Male Warriors III

I received a nice phone call yesterday from Wendy at West Wind letting me know my Empire of the Dead Kickstarter pledge was on its way and thanking me for my support. I thought it was a really nice touch to ring customers and our chat has got my brain swirling with Victorian London scenery ideas (not helped by watching Ripper Street last night either...).

Anyway back to Africa Month and another four "just finished" Fon for the Dahomey army from Foundry Darkest Africa Ruga-Ruga and Tribesmen packs. Great figures...

The remaining eleven are coming along nicely, but I have run out of the Beasty Brown paint I use on the bases. Hopefully Antics will have some...


  1. Those look good...love the stripey bits.

  2. Lovely figures and great painting. I especially like the last man with the stiffened hair.