Wednesday 6 November 2013

Big Box of Requiem Arrives!

As Wendy promised, the big box of Kickstarter Empire of the Dead: Requiem arrived from West Wind today and I spent most of my lunchtime rooting through it and trying not to drool too much! :-) There are a lot of lovely miniatures here though I haven't added up how many in case SWMBO reads this! Suffice to say Lead Mountain is now substantially higher!

Of course I need a plan to paint them and rather than jump in and paint the ones I like best first I have decided to paint them one pack at a time, in code order, starting with EOTD-01 Gentlemen's Club and working my way through.

Additionally rather than dedicate a month to Empire of the Dead I will slot packs into gaps in other projects to help relieve any monotony that might strike. Well that's the plan...

I have decided that all the miniatures will be based on urban cobblestone or paved bases, as I have done with my previous Victorian figures, so today ordered a pile off Fenris Games as I only had seven left which I have used on the Gentlemen's Club.

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