Monday 25 November 2013

Empire of the Dead Compendium

A weighty (in megabytes) tome popped into my inbox today in the form of the long awaited Requiem Compendium for Empire of the Dead, including all the new rules and background for the lovely Kickstarter miniatures.

At 115 pages it has a lot of stuff crammed into it and I have had to stop myself sneaking peeks at Hell Division, the Clickers and other great ideas when I was supposed to be working.

With some many great looking period dramas on TV at the moment including Dracula, Ripper Street and even The Paradise (not that I was watching the latter per se but glancing up I was taken with the buildings and costumes) providing inspiration, it may be that I devote a month soon to starting the ball rolling on with the EOTD figures...

I have managed to slap a bit more paint on the Dixon Amazons today and if nothing unexpected happens at Blease Towers then I am hopeful the Fon Female warrior unit will be finished by the end of Africa Month!

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