Saturday 6 July 2013

Scorcher! (and A Grand Day Out)

Phew! Been a bit hot here today! Apparently it is warmer here than the Caribbean!

I have done some painting today having dug out half a dozen miscellaneous fantasy fighters produced by Citadel in the eighties (I suspect they are mainly original Chaos Warrior types before they had factions and looks) and have based and undercoated them. I've also been playing with some paint on a couple of cheap Death Korp of Krieg proxies. More on both of these when finished...

Today sees the start of the West Wind summer sale. 30% off their 28mm WW2, Arthurian and Samurai ranges, the latter will be useful if you plan to try out the latest Osprey wargames rules Ronin. I took advantage last year to grab some of the Arthurians for the Dux Bellorum armies and was very pleased with them, this year I may have to pick up some WW2 to fill the gaps...

Finally this post could not go by without some reference to the cracking performance by the British and Irish Lions down under, thrashing the Aussies 41-16 in the decisive third test. Hurrah!

Gromit of the Day:

A Grand Day Out