Monday 29 July 2013

Back to Bas(e)ics (and Hound Dog)

I have always thought that basing vehicles was, well, a bit weird. I don't know why, but the thought of tanks having bases seems a bit strange. Of course there is a logic to it, especially as your figures are based as it will ensure they are the same height but it just doesn't seem right.

This personal logic even extends to 6mm, even though it is clearly less of a wargaming faux pas to base your micro-armour, I have never based any of my vehicles, no matter how tiny (and 6mm jeeps can be a bit on the small size), until now...

First off I'm blaming Big Lee and his ongoing 6mm North African project. Lee has been basing his vehicles on small FoW bases and I must say it looks blooming good. Secondly have you seen how thin the barrels are on a GHQ Centurion? They bend if you look at them funny. Yes, basing the Arab-Israeli stuff will be the way to go.

With Lee's collection looking so good I thought I'd copy him and use the small FoW bases, picking laser cut MDF ones from Warbases to save time dicking about cutting up plasticard. Just before I sent off an order I decided to play with my test piece Sho't Kals on some card cut to FoW size. Good job I did...

The small FoW bases are 1" x 1 1/4" (or 25mm x 32mm in new money), the Centurion measures in from rear to tip of the barrel at 34mm. Given I want to protect the barrels this clearly wasn't going to work. So I've been having a Pooh Bear "think, think, think" time...

A base depth of 40mm will solve the overhanging barrel issue and ensure they are protected, the question now is base width. Of course 40mm x 20mm bases are a wargames standard so very easy to get hold of in either plastic or MDF. However having played with the FoW bases I like the slightly wider 25mm. Of course 40mm x 25mm is no-one's standard size.

I now have to decide over convenience and go down the 40mm x 20mm route or head out on my own and go with the 40mm x 25mm?

As you can see I knocked up a couple of bases one 20mm wide, one 25mm and am playing with my unfinished Sho't Kals on them to see which looks best...

Gromit of the Day:

Hound Dog


  1. The wider 25mm base looks good, the other seems too narrow for the more modern tanks (which are generally wider than the WWII ones)

  2. I also prefer the wider you the option of traversing the turret too.