Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of...

Eureka Miniatures are producing the miniatures for a really clever little beer and pretzels game that could make for a great family game as well as one down the club or at a show. A Cast of Thousands is 1930's film making miniatures game in which you take the role of film director, trying to make your movie by getting a star, extras and set in shot, whilst trying to thwart the exploits of your rivals.

The rules are free and apart from buying a film crew (above), you probably have most of the miniatures and scenery already in your wargames collection (yep, those are now extras and sets). The rules can be downloaded here and the cards here.

All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up...


  1. Cool miniatures...I can see a role for them in my HEX RPG games or indeed anything with a 1920-30's pulp fiction setting.

  2. Hey, those are pretty snappy. I may have to get them in the future!

    1. I like the concept...just the cost of buying multiple directors is ouch! I was thinking if there was a modern film crew to update this to something using my other figs like Super Heroes and WW2 along with my 1920's horror, gladiators, pirates and old west...

      Also, it reminds me of the ending of Blazing Saddles where the fight breaks out across the film lot.

  3. Great looking, and unusual, minis!