Tuesday 28 May 2013

(Dux Bellorum Month) Romano-British Ordinary Shieldwall III

I managed to finish the final Ordinary Shieldwall unit for the Romano-British Dux Bellorum army last night...

This base includes some command figures. This is not relevant in Dux Bellorum terms (each base is an individual unit which can be combined or operate separate from the others), but will be necessary for other games such as Warhammer.

The miniatures are all Old Glory this time. Whilst not as nice as some of the others on the market, they paint up ok, the command are very characterful and they paint up pretty good.

Here is a photo of all three bases side by side. Sometime I need to make up a 6 x 4 movement tray for a combined 24 figure unit in Warhammer type games...


  1. You're making some good progress with these Steve..much better than my efforts of late!

  2. Great work, these minis are really impressive!

  3. Very nice atmosphere with these :)
    I picked up the rules a few months back and the game looks like a lot of fun.
    And this weekend I played the boardgame Britannia so have even more mood to see stuff like this right now