Monday 13 May 2013

The Burma Road

The postie delivered another CBI (China-Burma-India) volume for the collection today, Donovan Webster's The Burma Road. Despite the title, the book doesn't just focus on the construction of the Burma Road between India and China by 200,000 Chinese labourers but also the battles fought in the campaign. There may be an over concentration on the Chinese-American efforts but it will be useful to read about this aspect as much as the British and Imperial in other volumes.

The 384 page ex-library hardback cost just 1p plus postage from Amazon which is splendid value and no great loss if not up to scratch (though the reviews suggest it is). Just got to find some time to sit down and read it!

On the painting front the Romano-British spear are coming along quite well and I hope to get all three bases completed by the weekend if not earlier.

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