Sunday 26 May 2013

(Dux Bellorum Month) Romano-British Ordinary Shieldwall

I managed to finish the first unit of Romano-British Ordinary Shieldwall for Dux Bellorum this morning.

The miniatures are a mix of West Wind in the front rank and Old Glory in the rear.

The Old Glory miniatures (above) are slightly smaller so I had to raise them with a sliver of plasticard inbetween the slottabase and the miniature base so they looked ok with the West Wind miniatures (below).

I wasn't too sure on whether the shields should be uniform in design or not. It does look a bit weird for Dark Ages miniatures, but it helps reinforce the Roman heritage so I went with it, painting an early Christian design on a white background (hopefully it does not look too crusaderish).

Two more units to go, before I can crack on with the cavalry...


  1. Very well the shields and the basing.

  2. Uniformity in shields may be anachronistic but it does bind the unit together, visually speaking.

  3. Greate looking unit !

    Best regards Michael