Tuesday 21 May 2013

It's Going To Be A Long Month...

Dux Bellorum Month is not going to plan. Progress is being made and when I can sit down and paint I seem to be getting on quite well. Unfortunately the opportunity to grab the paintbrush over the last couple of weeks has been minimal and this week is going to be no better as I am working in Paris for a good part of it.

Looking ahead June is worse hobby wise with a week working in Eastbourne at the beginning of the month and then a week in Warsaw at the end (expect me to be rabbiting on about the Warsaw Uprisings then!)

So... I am combining May and June into MUNE! ...or more sensibly Dux Bellorum Months. This month I shall endeavour to finish the Romano-British, June will concentrate on the Saxons so that at least I have two armies to use. The Picts may have to wait on Lead Mountain for a while.

In the meantime please enjoy this lovely piece of Richard Scollins' Arthurian artwork...


  1. There's a good view from Lead Mountain right across the sprawling town of Procrastination to the far and distant Vale of Distraction.

    1. Also forgot to mention, when you're in Procrastination, avoid the local pubs, especially the one called The Blogger. You can waste hours in there...

    2. Too true/ I'm a blogaholic and my name is Steve...

  2. Ooooh, I remember that artwork on the cover of Military Modelling 30 or so years ago

    oh, heck, now nobody will believe me when I claim to be 25 *lol*

  3. Work is the curse of the gaming classes.