Friday 31 May 2013

(Dux Bellorum Month) My Dux For A Horse...

The Romano-British Noble Riders are progressing nicely but are unlikely to be finished by the end of Dux Bellorum Month. :-(

I have, however, finished and and based the 12 horses for them and the Mounted Companion base. The models are mostly West Wind with a couple of Gripping Beast. I don't have a standard method when it comes to painting cavalry, sometimes I glue the rider to the mount before painting, sometimes I paint them separate, there is no method to my madness!

Painting wise my techniques have changed over the years. For a long time I undercoated in an enamel brown before heavily painting oil paint over then wiping most off with a sponge. Very messy, takes ages to dry, but gives a nice result.

These days I just undercoat black, heavy drybrush a dark brown them drybrush with a lighter brown. The brush is fairly loaded so to avoid the end result looking chalky. I try to keep the lower legs dark and sometimes wash with black ink before painting socks, hooves, manes and tails.

They won't win the Grand National but they look okay and don't detract from the rider (which hopefully you will see tomorrow once I have finished painting the riders and brushed the loose flock off the horses!).

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