Saturday 18 May 2013

Burma Victory - Arthurian Defeat

"On the painting front the Romano-British spear are coming along quite well and I hope to get all three bases completed by the weekend if not earlier." - well if writing that on Monday wasn't tempting fate I don't know what was.  Work, more work, even more work, then SWMBO deciding that Saturday was garden tidying up not painting Arthurians day put paid to my unfounded optimism! :-(

Anyhow with thoughts still fermenting about the CBI Front I was pleased to see that Osprey have posted an extract from David Rooney's Burma Victory here, which they are reissuing later this month in digital format. The book focuses on the British and Imperial efforts in the last year of the war and should be a good companion to the American focus in Burma Road.

Of course you can still buy the paperback second hand here for as little as 15 pence, but it is still good to see Osprey making out of print books available...

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the digital version...very interesting!