Saturday 9 April 2022

October War: Israeli M51 Sherman Tank Company II

Back in 2014 I painted up a company of Israeli M51 Shermans as part of my October War project. Whilst no longer 'state of the art' and largely replaced in the IDF Armoured Brigades in 1973 they still could be found in their Mechanised Brigades. Last week, after a rummage through Lead Mountain to see what I could units I could make up, I painted up a second company of GHQ miniatures on the basis they are equally as happy in 1967 as 1973...

My first company comprised of 14 M51's not the more normal 11 tanks you'd get in an tank company. I can't recall why I painted 14 not 11, but in case it was right for some reason I'll recall in the future I painted another 14 up for the second company. If I conclude it was an error I need only paint 5 more - the models for which I have - to have a third company! :D

The 6mm bug has bitten hard at present and I've just started moving on to pastures more verdant than the Sinai, the first results of which you'll hopefully see soon...


  1. Very nice but look like M50 not M51s.....
    I assume you went for 14 as a possible company strength as per 1961 organisation with 44 tanks - 3x coys of 14 + 2x HQ.
    In 1967 the units actually varied in strength with Sherman btns often being overstrength; 2x coys each of M50 and M51.

    1. With my eyes these days Neil I surprised I recognised them as Shermans! :D No idea why I did 14 tbh, might have been when I was looking at the Flames of War AIW TO&E...

  2. Nice. I always liked these upgraded Shermans.