Saturday 23 April 2022

ColdWar '58: British Armoured Squadron

The first opponent for my ColdWar '58 projects is this British Armoured Squadron based on the 7th Armoured in Germany at the time. Unlike the Soviets and Americans who pooled their heavy tanks in separate units, the British army mixed its Conquerors in with its Centurions, with four troops of Centurions and one of Conquerors to a Squadron. This should give some interesting tactical conundrums when faced with companies of T-10's!

The Centurion Mk 3's are 3D prints from ResinHistoricals and once again they have provided excellent models for an exceptional price point (indeed as a returning customer they gave me a 10% discount on more order so these are now down to a bargain 56p a tank!!).

Unfortunately ResinHistoricals don't list a Conqueror in their range but Butlers Printed Models do. I'd been happy with the 15mm models I'd bought from them but am less enamoured with the 6mm ones as their approach of printing up vertically off a flat bed (rather than at an angle with supports like ResinHistoricals) makes it hard to clean up around wheels and tracks. Also any striation appears rather obviously on top flat services though I adapted a technique Chris Kemp suggested for my 15mm Centurions to deal with it on the top of the Conquerors. The models aren't bad, it's just ResinHistoricals prints are better.


  1. I agree with you about the quality of Butler's versus ResinHistoricals. Chalk and cheese. Nice force build, and I'm looking forward to seeing these in battle.

  2. They look great Steve, a good advert for ResinHistoricals!.

  3. Great research. I did not know that the British Army was still mixing types of tanks in their units at that time.

  4. Very nice. Those Conquerors will out the wind up the Russians!