Friday, 15 April 2022

ColdWar '58: Soviet T-10M Heavy Tank Company

The first unit I've painted up for my new 6mm late fifties Cold War project is a ten tank company of Soviet T-10M heavy tanks. First introduced into service around 1952 as the IS-8, it was renamed the T-10 as part of the USSR's destalinisation project, and continued in frontline service until 1967, being removed from the reserves by 1996. Around 1400 of these 52 ton 122mm gun sporting beasts were constructed, serving in dedicated independent heavy tank battalions.

It took me a little while to source these models (3D sculpts from Daritus on Thingiverse) as needing ten for a company I was baulking at the metal GHQ ones which would have cost me £26. In the end ResinHistoricals printed me the ten off I wanted for just £6 and I was very happy with the printed models which have painted up nicely enough.

Whereas, to date, my 6mm tanks have been based on 40 x 25mm bases, the longer cannon barrels on the heavy tanks (especially on the NATO ones) necessitated the heavies going on slightly longer 50 x 25mm ones...


  1. I actually so some of them in Bosnia.

  2. They look suitably menacing. I think you'll need some Conquerors?