Saturday 13 December 2014

War Plan Red

During the 1920's and '30's the US military devised a series of colour coded war plans covering a number of varying contingencies. These included War Plan Orange where Japan was the enemy, War Plan Green focusing on Mexico, War Plan Gold against a French enemy and War Plan Red, a war against the British Empire.

There is a quite a lot of material on the internet about War Plan Red and it could make for an interesting "what if?" gaming background. I came across this documentary on You Tube that provides a lot of interesting information about it...


  1. There were also sub-plans, such as WAR PLAN CRIMSON against Canada and SCARLET against Australia and New Zealand

    You may have missed it, but I did a series of articles on War Plan Red, which were based on my finding a copy of them in the archives at the US Navy War College:

  2. Fascinating stuff, thanks. I was unaware of this.