Friday 5 December 2014

Blitzkrieg: Kriegsmarine IV

Unfortunately no wip pictures of the first Firefight Burma figures as I decided to revisit some of the converted poses, then spend more time researching the "look" of British troops in Burma in 1944. I am now happy I am on the right lines and will be digging out the liquid cement again later this evening.

I did however finish two more of the 28mm Warlord Kriegsmarine. Whilst I would have liked all my section to be wearing sailors caps, there aren't enough to do this, so three figures have had to wear steel helmets.

The helmet is the same as that worn by the army, the only difference being the decal on the left hand side of the helmet is gold, not silver as with the army (you can't see this in the photos but I did dab a minute bit of gold paint on the Warlord decals - honest!)

The third figure is part of the lmg team which hopefully will be finished tomorrow.

Painting Target: 638/1000

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