Monday 15 December 2014

Medieval Buildings - Out The Box!

Last Wednesday evening's impulse purchase of the discounted Tabletop Workshop Medieval Buildings from North Star arrived on Saturday morning and after dipping a load of Scrunts this lunchtime I decided to have a look inside the boxes - wow!

I have to confess that the box photos do not do them justice and they are superb. The designs of all three buildings is very clever and they can be snapped together without glue.

Detail is top notch and slightly exaggerated in a wargames style that will ensure they fit in with wargames miniatures and allow for excellent painting results using a simple wash and drybrush.

What caught the eye though was the interior wall detail. Tabletop Workshop haven't gone overboard but the interior of the chapel has benches moulded into the stone wall and the barn, farm implements alongside the wooden frames.

Whilst this is obviously not necessary, it has not added any extra parts to the kits and as the roof does not need to be glued to any of the buildings, figures can be placed inside and the inside can be painted if desired.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with these buildings and am looking forward to painting them soon.


  1. They are nice buildings. I have the Church and goes well with my WW2 gaming tables.

  2. They look really good...
    There's a lot of new plastic buildings appearing on the market - nice alternative to all the resin/mdf stuff.