Saturday 6 December 2014

Blitzkrieg: Kriegsmarine V

I finished my Warlord Kriegsmarine section today, completing the lmg team...

As stated previously, the box set comes with an MG42 team, which restricts the units use, so I chopped off the barrel and replaced if with a plastic one from the Warlord Blitzkrieg set. I'm pleased the end result.

Here's a photo of the complete section, I'll keep a lookout for a miniature to replace the U-boat commander, but now I have a unit that can be used from 1st September 1939 in Danzig to 8th May 1945 in Berlin.

Painting Target: 640/1000


  1. This is a great looking unit. I love that you'll have the ability to throw something different down on the table. Very nice work.

  2. Nice looking unit. The MG34 does look right for these boys. Artizan's 'Thrilling Tales' has U-boat types and I think Brigade Games has some too!

  3. Great looking unit :)
    Like you say, could be used in lots of different contexts too.

  4. Great work, love the MG vignette...