Saturday 27 December 2014

Some of My Miniatures Are Missing...

I started today in a fit of gaming enthusiasm, even SWMBO asked whether I was going to do some painting today (and no, I checked, she did not mean the kitchen!). The Scrunt dipping exercise has encouraged me to get one with something I've wanted to do for ages - the American Civil War!

So I downloaded two volumes of ACW articles from WI Digital to go with the one they gave away in the run up to Xmas, dug out Mr Bickley's rules, cleared the dining table and sat down with the boxes of Perry infantry and cavalry I stuck together a couple of years ago. The plan was to sort out what I had into regiments and possibly glue together the box of Zouaves and new artillery. I even had a pile of 40mm square bases ready to go.

Unfortunately the infantry and cavalry boxes, whilst rattling in the appropriate fashion, only contained the spare bits left over from the grand gluing session a couple of years ago. Where the miniatures are hiding I'm not quite sure and a major expedition to Lead Mountain was called for.

Unfortunately my enthusiasm waned at this point so I sat down and read the Marvel Year By Year Chronicle I received for Xmas and then downloaded the expansion set form the Wars and Battles Normandy campaign (from indifferent opening scenarios, this has become a great game) and spent the afternoon pretending to be Patton.

I'm going to watch Monument Men tonight and resume the search for the missing Americans tomorrow...


  1. Sounds like a fairly normal day! I hope you find the missing men!

  2. Sad news there, Steve; at least they could have had the decency to pay for substitutes!

  3. Drat! I understand the situation only too well...