Tuesday 11 November 2014

War in the Balkans: The Battle for Greece and Crete

I've just finished reading War in the Balkans: The Battle for Greece and Crete 1940-1941 from Pen & Sword's Images of War series and found it really interesting. As a basic primer it is pretty decent and contains some really interesting accounts that could make for some great wargame scenarios. Whilst the Greek campaign was fairly one sided from a strategic level, there were a number of instances of German reversals at a local level that could be recreated.

The book is contains lots of photos, many unpublished. A lot are of broken down tanks (especially British ones!) but they are all of interest. Having bought the Kindle version, I found it useful to be able to enlarge the pictures on my iPad to see detail.

There are a number of interesting looking books in the Images of War series, many being quite cheap for the Kindle. I shall be exploring other volumes soon...

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  1. I will have to check this book out as it is a favorite period, particularly Crete. I've got two big thick volumes of the NZ official war history on the campaign waiting to be read. Having something for the iPad sounds attractive (and practical).