Sunday 2 November 2014

Geheimkrieg: War Without End?

Clockwork Goblin Grizzly Walker (photo CGM)
Painting the Studio Miniatures Nazi Zombies has re-whetted my appetite for things alt-WW2 and I am feeling the urge to build up some Geheimkrieg forces in 28mm.

A bit of Googling led me to Clockwork Goblin Miniatures 28mm World Without End miniatures line. I was aware that Clockwork Goblin produced alt-WW2 in 15mm, but not that they had a small 28mm range.

Aside from some nice German zombies, their range also includes British Automated Infantry, Soviet armoured infantry and this lovely looking US Grizzly walker.

Whilst Geheimkrieg is a little different from other alt-WW2 games in that it is a secret war that occurred in out historical timeline rather than an alternate history, I could not resist putting an order in for a Grizzly!

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