Saturday 8 November 2014

Great Martian War: Sourcing Tripods

I've been pondering more on a 6mm project based around The Great Martian War 1913-17. I have a slowly growing collection of figures for Élan, so it would be a simple enough to use the miniatures from that with the addition of some suitable tripods (and possibly a few converted tanks though in 6mm I don't think the difference between a 6 pounder and a Victisite cannon is that noticeable).

There were two types of Martian walker in the programme, The large manned 300 ft tall Herons and the smaller automated 20ft tall Spiders. In 6mm terms that translates to models 30cm and 2cm tall which might not be possible, but I think I have come up with some suitable looking proxies.

Martian Tripod (photo Troublemaker Games)
For the smaller Spiders I like the look of the Martian Tripods from Troublemaker Games. Very steampunky looking, I must say these are my favourites for Spiders, however there is only on size of model.

Invader Frigates (photo Spartan Games)

The alternative is Spartan Games who produce a range of Invaders for their steampunk Dystopian War game, including two different sizes of tripod, the Frigates and the larger Cruisers. I do like the look of these and whilst not as clockwork looking as those in the mockumentary, they probably are the more logical choice, and their tiny flier tokens could be used a Martian Lice if I ever need some.

Invader Cruisers (photo Spartan Games)
No rush to make any hasty decisions at this point in time, but I'll keep my eyes open for any bargains on eBay!



    and I have a Monolith Designs Tripod. Very simple and effective GH25-98B