Wednesday 12 November 2014

The Last Ship

I've just caught up with the finale of the TV series The Last Ship, a ten part post-apocalyptic show centred around the USS Nathan James and its role in finding a cure to a viral pandemic that has killed 4 billion people.

Despite what I thought was a rather limiting potential story I have enjoyed the series and feel it has a great deal of potential for skirmish based wargames. I had thought this would be a one off series due to the will they/won't they find a cure? plot arc, but surprisingly it has been renewed for a second series and the final two episodes set this up very nicely.

As post-apocalyptic shows go it is no Walking Dead, but it has its moments and is worth catching... the show not the virus! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Despite being a little cheesy at times I also enjoyed this serious. The finale in particular picked up the pace and was quite gritty. My mate and I have also discussed scenario ideas based on this series for post-apoc skirmish games. Look forward to series 2. Walking Dead still rules though!