Sunday 16 November 2014

Ostfront: Hungarian Infantry II

I finished the section of Hungarian infantry this morning, using German infantry miniatures from the Great War Miniatures range. As with the Brigade Games models, not all were suitable for Hungarians (with major conversion) so I have a fledgling 28mm late WW1 German force now!

A lot of the miniatures have stick grenades which may be inaccurate as (AFAIK) the Hungarians used a Mills Bomb style called the M1936 and a stick grenade (with a shorter handle than the German) called the M1942. This said I'm not that fussed, it would have been a right pain trying to remove them all (they are quite loaded up with them) and I like the red strips on the grenade heads!

The most major conversion was the NCO with the M1939 Király SMG, this looks like a US M1 carbine with long think stick magazine. I converted one of the riflemen by trimming the length of the rifle and adding a magazine. Not quite sure it looks right, but it is passable. I bottled trying to convert a Solothurn LMG for the section, but have a Schwarzlose HMG to paint up as a support weapon.

Here is the complete 11-man section mixing the Brigade and Great War figures.

Painting Target: 629/1000

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  1. These look great, very nice cohesive palette of colours.