Wednesday 26 November 2014

Ostfront: In The (Soviet) Navy...

My order of Warlord Soviet Naval Infantry turned up today and have been cleaned up and based. These go nicely with the BTD figures I started painting the other day. I'm not quite sure why painting the Kriegsmarine has got me in a mood for naval troops, maybe it is the dark blue as I've been thinking about ACW troops as well recently! Hopefully the first of the Kriegsmarine will be finished tomorrow.

Soviet Naval Brigade (photo Warlord Games)
Checking out the Warlord website for the above photo was a bad idea, as I now want this... :-)

Soviet Bronekater Patrol Boat (photo Warlord Games)
Perhaps Father Christmas might read this...


  1. Hard to resist indeed. I also love those Soviet river boats with T-34 turrets mounted fore and aft

  2. On a separate note - and sorry to derail the discussion of what are very nice miniatures - I have attempted to contact you via the Wessex Games FB and the email on the Wessex Games website over the last week or so to no avail. Could you log into one or the other and get back to me please? I don't want to spill the beans in public, but I think you may be interested.

    Matt M

  3. The ship is very sweet kit, I seen one in the flesh (unassembled) it is a BEAST. Looking forward to seeing the finished figs!