Monday 14 April 2014

Silly Season at Black Tree Design...

Lots of companies appear to be having "Not at Salute" sales including Black Tree Design who have a 35% off their WW2 infantry and a 15% voucher for your next order. BTD don't have the greatest reputation for speed of delivery on occasion, but this kind of discount was not to be ignored so I looked into the crystal ball for future WW2 projects...

I'm quite enjoying the variety of raising just sections for WorldWar: 1940 and whilst I am in a Blitzkrieg mood at the moment (and working on some conversions to fill the nationality gaps) I availed myself of the 35% off to pick up some French (for potential conversion), Gebirgsjäger, regular German infantry and some Soviet Sailors.

I did fancy some Italians and Germans in greatcoats but for some reason they were only showing as 15% off so I will hold off for another day and another sale...


  1. Those mountain troops would make passable Norwegians...hmmm

  2. They do also seem to have a sale on most things most of the time which has always struck me as odd - the bonus is that whatever you want is bound to come around on discount again :)