Wednesday 2 April 2014

Hail Odin! (and Amazon)

Amazon offered me one of their regular one month free trials of Amazon Prime the other day. They do this on a regular basis and whilst I take the free offers I cancel it before they start taking any money, after all I'm not that desperate that I need anything I order off Amazon the next day all the time.

Clearly I am not alone in this view as Amazon have now upped the content of Prime membership allowing you to borrow a Kindle book and have access to Prime Instant Video, Amazon's video streaming service.

The streaming service offers a lot of titles already available from Sky, but a number of interesting ones that are not including Breaking Bad,  Copper (C19th New York police drama), Hell on Wheels (shown on one of ITV's satellite channels but I missed series one) and Vikings.

Vikings is now on season two but as this had only been shown on Netflix previously I resigned myself to not seeing it for some time. I watched episode one last night and enjoyed it, not as stylised in the manner of Spartacus which I had assumed it would be, it may well inspire me to finish those Dux Bellorum Saxons that are sat undercoated on the workbench!

1 comment:

  1. Vikings is exclusive to Amazon Instant (formerly LoveFilm).

    Be careful though, I'm not sure how it works during your free trial, but not all the movies/shows are included in the Prime package.

    Some even Prime members have to pay rental/purchase costs to see which can be a bit annoying. Although I am tempted to cough up the £3 or whatever to see The Keep as it's impossible to find anywhere else ;-)