Saturday 26 April 2014

Another Brick in the Wall...

You may have seen that Warlord have released some plastic stone walls recently, just over four foot of wall for £14, part of their collaboration with Italeri (as can be seen from the box).

I'm not sure whether £14 for four foot of wall represents good value but you can purchase exactly the same product in an Italeri box for almost half the price (their rrp is about ten euro). Now I admit the box isn't as nice but the price difference is a bit surprising.

Some people have wondered if the product has been upscaled from 1/72nd to 1/56th or that the box contains more sprues but it has been confirmed by Warlord not, the product and quantity is identical. The 19mm tall walls which are six foot in 1/72nd are about four foot in 28mm. I picked up a couple of Italeri boxes from a seller via Amazon for less than the Warlord rrp which arrived today and they should prove useful for both 20mm and 28mm games.

I have to admit to being somewhat surprised that Warlord thought they might be able to get away with releasing Italeri's product with such a hefty mark up in this day and age and I confess that I shall be looking twice now at any future collaborative efforts (such as the planned vehicle kits) to ensure that I am not being taken for a ride...


  1. Absolutely outrageous, and I was thinking of ordering some too... I'll now be off to my local model instead. Thanks for the warning :-)

  2. Tend to agree, not good! Bad Warlord!

  3. I've supported Warlord for several years (since I returned to the hobby in 2009) and have always been impressed by them. Admittedly, their prices were rarely cheapest, but their service was top class. Examples like this and their decision to release two separate versions of their Caesarean Romans (gladius or pilum - not both) made me start to question their business ethics a little, however...

  4. The wargames world is full of people pulling stunts like this. Games Workshop are the champions - sourcing cheap stuff, repackaging it and charging ten times the price. Army Painter are very good at it as well, just compare their tufts with the Silfor range.

  5. Well there you have it we have discovered that Warlord are traders by profession....... "buy cheap sell expensive" is a generally applied principle in the trade business. Though I must admit that doing it so obvious is daft :-)

  6. Well spotted! Remember to exercise the right to shop around before every purchase. It's becoming quite a crowded market right now and so much more 'corporate'... I do wonder where this will all end!