Sunday 21 October 2012

Red Orc Regiment

At last some painted miniatures! :-)

This is a regiment of old Grenadier UK Orcs sculpted by Nick Lund. I've always liked Nick's style, much more Tolkienesque than Kev Adams.

As I will be using both Adams and Lund Orcs (as well as some old FTO Perry ones) I decided to paint these up with a different skin colour, opting for a red-brown as a nod towards the Red Goblins of yore...

Painting was some rough heavy drybrushing and layering over a black undercoat with some Devlan Mud washes on anything that looked too bright. They are dirty and grubby, but to my mind that is what Orcs should look like.

Hopefully I can get on with the thirty Goblin wolf riders I've had sat around for a couple of decades next! :-)


  1. Looking, and I quote a boy from my class who is, so I am told, 'with it', badass!

  2. They look great. I might have to paint up mine now..who have been sitting about for the last 30 years :-D

  3. I have a few of these chaps! Love what you have done with them, good to see something different from the GW green.

  4. Love the old sculpts - loads of character without being overly muscled. I too like the departure from 'Goblin Green' skin tones

  5. Hi Steve,

    Well done with these Red Orcs.

    I have always liked these old sculpts and even had a few painted-up at one time. Alas - all gone now.