Tuesday 2 October 2012

Before DreadBall...

Whilst there are some similarities between Blood Bowl and DreadBall, not helped by the cover for DreadBall - which bears a certain similarity to the Blood Bowl computer game... :-) there are more similarities with another, now OOP, game...

Before DreadBall there was another SF "American Football" style game around, Hasbro's Battle Ball. I picked up a copy when on holiday in Florida around a decade back and Saul and I played a few games, though I must confess it was not the most challenging of games. Sadly Hasbro (as is their wont, killed the game off rather than expanded it with new teams and advanced rules). There are some interesting fan produced advanced rules in this thread on the game here.

Having seen the DreadBall basic rules it clearly jumps up and down on Battle Ball and buries it deep, but it might be worth hunting Battle Ball down for the figures alone as they clearly will make useful DreadBall alternatives.


  1. I thought the same when I was scoping out their Kickstarter. Some of the artwork looked 40kish. Looks interesting nonetheless.

  2. Never heard of Battle Ball. Would be interested to see if the figs match up scale wise with Dreadball and GW's BB ranges

    1. I'll dig them out, IIRC pretty well. If you scroll down this page there are some pics of them being used to play DB... http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/864237/extras