Saturday 28 January 2012


Another of those real world gets in the way weeks but I have tried to grab a few minutes here and there to progress the first zombies for Undead Kingdom. Seven are now done with sixteen waiting for a slap of grey paint on their bases (they currently look like they are in the desert!)

Wargames Factory plastics, they have plus points in being cheap and easy to convert, with some negatives in some soft detail and strange pack composition issues (not enough bare arms, too many with short sleeves). Still for a large shambling horde the plusses probably outweigh the minusses and with another sixty to be made up the cost savings alone make them worthwhile.

Alongside these I am also working on the Dwarf Kings Hold miniatures and must say that the Mantic skeletons are a lot better than I thought when I looked at the sprues and if you have any wish to make an undead fantasy army, these along with the superb Mantic zombies are the way to go...

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