Thursday 5 January 2012

Barbarians In The Arena

It seems that many of you (like me) have taken advantage of purchasing Warhammer Historical's Gladiator rules during their half-price sale (still on, if you haven't). I have only managed to give them a brief read but like the look of the game and intend to dig out my em-4 Gladiators sometime in the New Year and give it a spin.

Browsing Warhammer Historical's site I noticed they have released a free 14 page PDF supplement for Gladiator, entitled Barbarians in the Arena which adds to the diversity of the game bringing in new fighters from different cultures from the far flung reaches of the Empire as well as fighting in provincial areas with specific local rules.

On the subject of gladiators Spartacus: Vengeance reaches US TV screens this month and hopefully UK ones not too long after...


  1. I got the rules a few months ago and have based up some figures for a game but, as yet, haven't got any further than that.

    Time to get myself going I think!