Sunday 1 January 2012

Return To Mars (And Belgium)

First off I'd like to wish everyone of you a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year.

Looking forward to 2012, as stated, my sole real target is to play more games with Saul, this may prove hard given the fact that he has his GCSE's in May in addition to all the usual 'real world' demands but even if we play just once a month that will be an improvement on 2011...

I also need to clear the Wessex Games project log jam and to this end I have drawn up a (secret) plan to tackle this and will be concentrating my initial efforts on finishing off Le Roi, la Loi, la Liberté, the Belgian Land Ironclad supplement first so expect some 2mm loveliness this month...


  1. Hi!

    Happy new year! Hope you get chance to play more games and the rest of us can get hold of some more Wessex games stuff!

    All the best!

  2. Long live Belgium! Success on finishing the supplement.