Monday 30 January 2012

40K 25th Anniversary (Space Marines)

February marks the 25th Anniversary of Warhammer 40,000, a game that has changed somewhat from its humble Laserburn inspired beginnings. Rumaging around for some 28mm British Police figures I bought for the England Prevails project I chanced across a box of old 40K figures from days of yore which I'll upload over the week in "celebration" of the 25th anniversary (be warned dodgy painting alert!)

First off are some of the first ever Space Marines, the first metal Limited Edition Bob Naismith sculpted Space Womble and one of the supporting miniatures released soon after. I have an uncompleted squad somewhere and IIRC the models were washed with a thinned sepia oil over enamels (my standard fantasy painting technique at the time).

Next are the classic RTB01 plastic Space Marines, here four of my Ice Hearts chapter. Unfortunately the Humbrol varnish has aged giving a yellow shade to the white which is a shame. I still like the scheme and would not mind repainting my old plastics if I could find the rest.

Old Imperial Guard tomorrow...


  1. Awesome blast from the past, love your paint schemes here.

  2. I had some of those Minis back in the day! I remember the excitement of getting home from school to read my copy of RT...

  3. Maybe you should do a modern "Ice Hearts" chapter... That would be brilliant to see! Really nice colour scheme, they look like they are advertising toothpaste! :)

  4. Good work, Steve - nice idea, too ;)

  5. I like the Ice Hearts colour scheme too. Well done, and a good 'find'.