Monday, 11 July 2011

It's All Greek To Me...

With a long overdue summer break to foreign shores coming up I have decided to take a leaf out of the Jim's Wargames Workbench book and take some toy soldiers with me to prepare for painting, so I'll be soon taking a break from supergluing my fingers together (Neiuport 27? What a stupid design!) and getting high gluing my boxes of Immortal plastic Greeks together (note to self, open window!)

As Saul will be studying Sparta as well as the Lysistrata when he goes back to school in September it seemed a good idea to advance the Peloponnesian War project a bit. We'll probably be using Clash of Empires and army lists for both Sparta and Greek Hoplite army lists are available on their website. That said I have cheated and to start with I've noted down the contents of the 1st Corps Clash of Empires army deals to use as a starting template (this may be lazy but I can't be bothered with points balance armies and  I find working out armies from lists extremely boring, you can blame WHFB for that...).

Obviously I'll need to buy some metal figures as well, but it should give me something productive to do in the evenings other than drink the local vin du plonk.


  1. Great idea - and you can always glue figures AND drink local vin du plonk simulataneously!

  2. Many compliments from a Greek!
    Nice work mate!

  3. Looking forward to your progress on these. I find them a bit frustrating to assemble but easy to paint.