Monday, 25 July 2011

Back In Blighty!

Got home late this afternoon from a week in France and a weekend at the High Voltage festival and am bloody knackered - I think I need a holiday! :-)

We visited a number of interesting historical sites including Agincourt, Crecy and Vimy Ridge, as well as doing an all day tour of the Somme with Saul - I'll upload some of the more interesting photos in due course.

I did manage to make up some of my Immortal Miniatures Greeks but this took me longer than anticipated so I have only stuck together three Athenian phalanxes and haven't started on the Spartans yet, hopefully I'll get on with these after this week's working away though this will mean ignoring the box from Shapeways that arrived whilst I was away...


  1. Welcome back - I've been to all those places and loved them too.

  2. Welcome back, would love to visit some of those places.