Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dr. Zac Diagnoses My Condition...

At last my condition has a name - Gamer Distraction Syndrome! In his blog today, Zac Belado has diagnosed what thousands of wargamers suffer from and has given it a name. It's not just the impulse purchasing and continuous stream of starting new projects that is our problem, many of us cannot stay on track with an existing project.

I've tried to address this by having project months (and how I envy Tas whose month has gone on for four months and shows no abating!), but even this falls foul to Gamer Distraction Syndrome. For example, yesterday I said it was back to the aeroplanes right? So why did I then start sticking together the Mantic dwarves from Dwarf Kings Hold?!!! Whatever, at least I now know I have a condition, what it is called, that I am not alone and that the only cure is self-control!!!

To this end I have cleared the dwarves, 20mm moderns and other unfinished detrius from my working area and have started gluing a couple of SPAD S.VII's together though I do keep humming this Peter Gabriel song... Help!! :-)

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  1. Its pretty tough I tell you, but a limited budget forcing me to stay on theme, and some awesomely understanidng gaming buddies really help out!