Sunday 6 March 2011

(WWII Month) Soviet Infantry Platoon And Support

I managed to pop into GW Bristol today to pick up some "purity seal" and varnished all the painted Soviets before taking some quick snaps.

Soviet Infantry Platoon and Command.

Soviet Infantry Command (including NKVD officer in greatcoat).

Soviet Infantry Section.

Soviet AT Rifle Team support unit (the Command section has one attached but I had some spare).

Soviet 82mm Mortar and crew support unit.

Soviet sniper Team support unit.

Air Month has progressed in so far as I ordered some 1/144th Soviet stars and Polish and Finnish decals today (thinking about trying to overpaint the Finnish blue with Latvian red).


  1. Nice. Who makes these models?

  2. They're a mix of Italeri's Russian Infantry in Winter uniforms, Italeri's (ex-Esci) Russian Infantry and Revell's Siberian Riflemen.

    The Italeri figures are in a nice semi-hard plastic that you can superglue and the Winter uniforms pack good for late war Russians. The Revell pack has some nice figures in greatcoats but the plastic is old fashioned soft and needs treating...

  3. Steve
    Do u live in Bristol then ?
    Have you been to the 'Cut and Thrust' shop ?

  4. @Vulture - yes, Is that the one in Old Market? If so went when it'd been open a week or so but wasn't much stock and was cash only so I could only buy a bottle of Vajello satin varnish! :-) The gaming table rooms are impressive,