Monday, 13 December 2010

Whole Lotta Reading...

Over the last couple of days I seem to have amassed a small collection of magazines to read as the postman delivers various subscriptions. Wargames Illustrated is just one of an eclectic mix including SFX and Classic Rock Presents Prog (winner of the worst magazine title award of there was one). The common issue with all these nicely produced and highly readable mags is that they take up a lot of space (yes, I suffer from wargamers hording disease) which is why I restrict myself to just one wargames mag these days (I don't include White Dwarf as Saul steals it and hides it in his bedroom). This is a shame as I really like Battlegames and have picked up odd ones and really enjoyed them, reminiscent of old school Battle for Wargamers and Practical Wargamer.

So I was pleased to see that not only can you subscribe to Battlegames as a PDF only magazine, but they've done an impressive back issues bundle for a reduced price and included their Tabletop Teasers special. So a click or two and a PayPal password later 200mb plus of wargames PDF delight has just downloaded onto my MacBook (saving a lot of space and misplaced magazines).

I'm not quite sure if you can "stick your head" in an electronic magazine but that's where I'll be (obviously Santa will need to be bring me an iPad now - yeah right!)

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