Friday 24 December 2010

101 Uses Of An Artificial Xmas Tree (number one)

As we enter the final preparations for the festive period I thought I'd take the opportunity to suggest an idea for some post Twelfth Night scenery construction!

I must confess this is not my idea and the pictures are ones I took at Warhammer World in Feb '09, but using the branches off a cheap artificial Xmas tree to make palm trees struck me as inspired, I hope you agree and may feel inspired to make your own which can be useful for anything from the French Foreign Legion to Pirates of the Caribbean...

Finally I like to thank everyone who follows, comments or just occasionally pops into Bleaseworld, it is appreciated. I have a number of newly painted miniatures ready for posting over the next few days, so in between munching turkey sandwiches and drinking egg nog, feel free to pop back to see some rather odd miniatures!

1 comment:

  1. Great idea - not sure I'll need any Palm Trees any time soon, but I'll keep it in mind.