Thursday 30 December 2010

The Eagle (Of The Ninth)

Having bundled Saul off to the local GW with his Space Marines I've got a couple 0f hours to mess around with some bits of plastic before SWMBO comes home. Earlier in the year I picked up a pile of Early Imperial Romans for a snip off eBay and with my Roman reading frenzy showing no end at the moment I dug out the boxes of Wargames Factory and Warlord Games Celts and have started sticking bits together.

The latest book to be finished off was Rosemary Sutcliff's classic The Eagle of the Ninth. I actually had bad memories of the book, having been given a copy as a kid and struggling with it before giving up, however a few decades later and having enjoyed Frontier Wolf, I decided to give it another go and enjoyed it immensely (ploughing straight into the next in the "series" The Silver Branch).

I am also looking forward to the release of the film of the book, The Eagle, next March. The trailer looks pretty good if you are not going to get too het up by the 'mohican' look of the Seal People and can accept the changes to the story (the relationship between Aquila and Esca is clearly different and it looks like there might be a major difference to the ending with what appear to be survivors of the Ninth fighting the Seal People near the end of the trailer).

2011 might be a bit of an ancients year...


  1. .Glad you enjoyed The Eagle of the Ninth more on returning to it .. and more about the film and book, and the author Rosemary Sutcliff at