Thursday 23 December 2010

Airfix 2011 Catalogue

When I was knee high to a grasshopper one of the most exciting events of the year was the release of the Airfix catalogue and to see what new HO/OO plastic soldiers would be released the next year!

Whilst my excitement is more restrained in my middle age I was enthused after a quick browse of the 2011 releases online announced today. A few things caught my eye...

Military Vehicles 1:76 Scale
A02338 - Cromwell Cruiser (should go nice with the newly sculpted A01763 1:72 WWII British Infantry Northen Europe which although scheduled for this year will now be 2011.

Military Vehicles 1:48 Scale
A06301 - British Land Rover Twin Set (set includes one Land Rover WMIK and one Land Rover Snatch)
Figures 1:48 Scale
A02750 - British Army Troops

These could also be useful:

Buildings 1:76 Scale
A75005 - European Town House
A75006 - European Church
A75007 - European Four Storey Shop
A75008 - European Brewery

The following are re-released:

Military Vehicles 1:76 Scale
A01307 - Josep Stalin JS3 Tank
A01316 - T34/85 Tank
A01319 - Chi Ha - Type 97 tank

Figures 1:76 Scale
A01763 - WWII US Paratroops
A01753 - WWII German Paratroops

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  1. I am looking forward to building an Angel Interceptor - I built a whole series of them when I was still in school.