Saturday 20 November 2010

Tintin Versus Cthulhu

Plans to go to Warfare today were scuppered by an outbreak of trenchfoot in Bleaseworld with young Saul having to see the MO for treatment for a nasty toe infection when we should have been buying toy soldiers in Reading. Still we have Reveille next week so all is not lost...

Having a lazy morning (well that's what SWMBO calls it) before cracking on with some painting this afternoon (bit more work on my Aquilonians for the Grande Age of Hyboria I think) I was browsing the interweb and came across the work of artist Murray Groat via Dan Abnett's Facebook page and just had to share these with you all...


  1. Are those real? They look great!

  2. How I wish these were real books! The "At The Mountains Of Madness" cover was a new one on me and is probably now my favourite (as it's my favourite Lovecraft story anway - so adding Tintin can only make it even better!)

  3. Steve
    Would love to see your pulp rules,
    PS is Captain Haddock a deep one?

  4. Great - thanks for the link.

    I hope that everything was OK with Saul.


  5. Wow - those are brilliant! Don't give much for Snowy's chances in any of those scenarios, though......

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing..Really very interesting books..From my childhood cartoons books are my favourite..
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  7. Tintin and the WOrld After Tomorrow

  8. Awesome......
    Thought you might like my Cthulhu machinima tribute
    The Highlander; Cthulhu Enigma