Wednesday 17 November 2010

Captain Of Rome

Last year Tas recommended I check out Ship of Rome by John Stack, a novel about a Roman galley commander in the Carthaginian Wars, which I did and found hugely enjoyable.

In ASDA today I noticed the second in the series, Captain of Rome is available in paperback and not only is it at the knock down price of £3.76 (instead of £7.99) it comes with a free copy of Ship of Rome - an even better bargain, especially if you haven't read the first.

I've always had an 'itch' to do some galley games but never got around to it. The new WI (Samurai issue) has an interesting looking set based on Piquet in it with a number of pretty pictures that make me want to knock an order off to Xyston or someone, but I am being strong...

1 comment:

  1. Knew you'd enjoy it! Glad I can finally repay you for all the great recommendations you've given me :-)

    I'm resisting Xyston too, but its very hard...