Tuesday 23 November 2010

Brave New Worlde...

Back in the day (well 1997) when I was freelancing for Alternative Armies on Flintloque, I used to have many long and wandering phone calls with Mike Owen which after discussing the latest twist on orcs in Napoleonic uniforms would go onto many diverse matters, one of which was the Welsh discovery of America!

Mike had been reading a book on Prince Madoc and thought that it would make a great game. The conversation developed, howabout bringing the Norse into it? What about the mythologies (Mike loved The Mabinogion)? Enthused I started writing up the background, researching Algonquin and Welsh myth and I roped Matthew Hartley in on the rules front and he drafted a set of skirmish rules inspired by his reading of a Paddy Griffith book on Viking warfare.

Sadly AA in the form it was went belly up and Mike went on to Foundry then set up his own company (Artizan) producing historical miniatures. However, the idea has always sat at the back of my mind so yesterday in a fit of enthusiasm I set up a blog to kick start the project and see if it has legs.

So if you fancy the idea of Vikings v Welsh v Red Indians v mythical creatures from their respective mythologies please follow my New Worlde blog. If you think it's barking, please ignore this post, normal service will be resumed soon...


  1. You got my attention. I like Vikings! Looking forward to seeing how the New Worlde pans out.

  2. Interesting mix of history and myth. You've grabbed my attention as well!

  3. Sounds like a really good idea! Id love to see some decent mythological creatures!

    All the best!

  4. You are not barking - at least no more so than the average gamer IMHO....;-)

    Great idea though and the late PG's book on Viking warfare is a stonking good read!

    All the best,