Thursday 18 November 2010

High Elf Test Pieces

Needing a break from 2mm (and to ponder whether I should do the Belgians on Mars white or in the green/grey Legation uniform also worn in Peking) I remembered Saul had a big box of unmade High Elves I was suppose to be painting for him.

We'd had a little dispute over the colour scheme, Saul likes the GW white scheme, I don't. Also white is a git to paint in any quantity and with so many projects on the go and the lead mountain now being accompanied by plastic hills any paint scheme would have to be one that didn't take hours and require labour intensive shading and layering to look ok (like white).

Consequently I made a carpe diem executive decision and decided to paint up a few to show Saul what I was taking about and how cool they look! The armour is Brazen Brass (a very old bottle - four designs of bottle old!), Scaly Green for the cloth and some touches of Blood Red. They were then dipped in Strong Tone...

There are a few more touches needed but I think they've come out nice and hope Saul will like them. I haven't decided on the shields as yet. Part of me wants to do something different and I am considering using hoplite type round shields, the shields from the LOTR Southrons (though what they would then have is a problem) or some oval design inspired by the zulu shield pattern but smooth (I was thinking these Elves would come from the Fortress of Dawn rather than Ulthuan).

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