Friday 1 May 2009

Bertie's Blog

I have for the past couple of weeks been pondering whether it was appropriate to post certain Wessex Games' material on this blog. I set this blog up to put up photos of stuff I was painting etc, some of which would appear in forthcoming Wessex Games rulebooks, but some things that would not. There was specific Wessex Games items about work on forthcoming rules and miniatures that I wanted to share but I have concluded that my "personal" gaming blog wasn't the right place so I've created Bertie's Blog!

Bertie's Blog is where I'll post anything specific that relates to Wessex Games commercially ie. games development on rules we are producing or miniatures we are sculpting, and continue here on Bleaseworld with photos of stuff that may of may not end up being photographed in a WG product (like the Brigade models which will be in the Iron Cow PDF).

Glad we got that sorted out then... :-) 

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