Saturday 23 May 2009

Just Wizard!

To try and keep myself sane when painting up units and armies I take a break by grabbing an odd unrelated figure and slapping a bit of paint on that. The purple wizard is one such figure. I think it is an old Citadel one (again pre-slotta though for consistency with my other fantasy figures he is now on a slotta) that I decided to experiment with purple over a black undercoat and see the end result. For the yellow areas I overpainted the black with a white undercoat then went orange topped with yellow. I was pleased with the end result. Not quite sure what he'll be used for but I'm sure he'll prove useful in some game or another...

The other wizard (again old Citadel pre-slotta) is my first attempt at painting in acrylics (over white undercoat) some twenty years ago in a painting session with then girlfriend (now SWMBO). For some reason TG(NSWMBO) decided she wasn't going to paint with enamels but bought a pile of pots of acrylics at some show (in Birmingham IIRC) which we sat down with one Sunday afternoon. This was the only figure I attempted and then reverted to enamels for nigh on fifteen years. They had the pigment consistency of poster paints and were very gritty (as opposed to Citadel paints at the time which were too runny). When painting the purple wizard I spotted this forlorn looking individual and decided to repaint him, but on closer inspection decided a bit of touching up and shading on the face was all that was really needed. Again no real idea what he'll end up being used for but it is another figure less in the lead mountain!

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  1. I like those figures and your paint jobs. The figures look like they belong in Unseen University