Thursday 28 May 2009

CDSU Super Heavy Armour Platoon

Sod's Law dictates that when I take some time off from work I end up catching some debilitating disease (usually the terrible Man flu!) - this time my plans of painting up more 6mm SF armour went south as I managed to contract an eye infection over the bank holiday weekend and then spread it to the good eye (I'm clever like that!). I'm now half way through a course of anti-biotic eye drops and my eyes are starting to feel less like being polished with sandpaper, so hopefully I'll be able to finish off my half completed CDSU Armour Company I started last week.

I had been pondering on a camo scheme for the CDSU for a little while and in the end decided to do something akin to the current Chinese three colour green-sand-black scheme. As a test piece(s) I decided to repaint three old CMD super heavy grav tanks sporting twin barrel armament and was pleased with the end result, adding some Dom's Decals 1/600th Soviet aircraft stars as markings. Unfortunately the models are no longer available in this version (shame as I really want six more...). The 40mm long hull with a one barrel version of the turret is available from GZG as DF-T21 Andromeda, but I am less keen on this compared to the three I have. Hopefully GZG will rediscover the two gun turret one day and make it available once more.

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